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This is the tutorial for free members and paid members

Note: Please don't use mobile. It's better you use desktop or laptop

1. First you must signup


2. Once you signed up. You must join facebook group


3. then read the first post (in desktop) or pinned post (in mobile) carefully. Then comment your username and processor on the commet section. Be sure you won't get bonus if you post your details on wrong section.


4.Then We give $20 bonus within 24 hours


5. Once you got the bonus, log into your aussiereveue account and  click on your processor logo. Suppose if you got bonus on payza, click payza logo, if you got bonus on coinpayment then click coinpayment logo.


6. Now you have to buy 2 adpacks from $20 free bonus. Click on finance then click on purchase position


7. After you bought 2 adpack you have to surf 10 ads daily to get earnings. Click Advertisement then click start surfing. 


8. After u see 10 ads, come back next day and check your earning balance. You can withdraw when your balance reaches to $6 and you will get 17% of $6 =$1 . And you will get full amount of withdraw if u are paid adpack.



9. To withdraw go to finance and click request withdrawal . 


For paid members

If you want to earn more you can deposit money and buy adpack, Click on finance then click add fund. 


Paid member will get full return. We are the first revenue share who pays members before adpack mature. Suppose u purchased adpack on 20 feb and u withdraw on 30 feb, You will get 10 days earnings, 2% daily x 10 days. Adpack mature in 60 days but we let u withdraw early. Once u paid 10 days earnings , u will still get earning for 50 days. It's same thing either u withdraw many times before 60 days or you withdraw all the money at once after 60 days..



Aussiepack 1 (120%) matures in 60 days and 2% daily

Aussiepack 2(125%) matures in 73 days and 2% daily

Aussiepack 3 (130%) matures in 43 days and 3% daily


If you buy aussiepack 1 and bought $20 adpack you will get $24 in 60 days or you can withdraw $6 4 times before 60 days


If u buy aussiepack 3 and bought $50, you will get $65 in 43 days or you can withdraw when balance reaches to $6 many times before 43 days. It's up to you either you want to withdraw early or u want  to withdraw later





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